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Technician Amateur Radio Class

None planned at this time.  But please let us know if you have interest.

Contact Joe Loucka  AG4QC (731) 595-4442

Next scheduled Ham Radio test session:

There will be Ham Radio License testing at 9:00 AM on
Saturday, November 18, 2017
We will be testing for all levels of license and walk-in's are always welcome.

 Testing for all classes of Amateur Radio license
Henderson Fire Stations training room. 
505 Sanford Street,
Henderson, TN 38340

Remember to bring a copy of your license, if you have one and two forms of photo identification.  Current charge for the test is $15.00, exact change is appreciated.
Please arrive early so we have everything in-order and testing is not interrupted. 

Walk-in's are always welcome.
2017 scheduled test dates: 02/18, 05/27, 08/19, 11/18

If none of these dates meet your needs. Click here for other options:

Contact: Joe Loucka  (731) 595-4442
for more information or to schedule testing.

Need a hard copy of your license?

After February 17, 2015; that action can only be performed by the amateur radio licensee, not by a VEC, or any other agency. The licensee must log into the FCC ULS License Manager System with their FRN and password, and set their own paper authorization preferences. This option determines whether a user will receive paper authorizations (printed license and FRN information) from the FCC. The license holder would select either YES or NO .. and then click SAVE. By selecting YES, you will continue to receive paper authorizations printed and mailed by the FCC. By selecting No, you will not receive authorizations printed and mailed from the FCC. This preference will affect all granted authorizations on this FRN

Need to check your account or get your FRN?  :

Log in to your FCC account:

Need to create a password for your FCC FRN:

A small sample of the hundreds of proud hams passing their exams

Congratulations to Jordan Jones on his new technician license.

Congratulations to Mathew Gay on his upgrade to General class.

Congratulations to Otis Bentley on his upgrade to Extra class.

Congratulations to Billy Cooper on his new Technician license.

Congratulations to the new hams
Left to right: Daniel Lutz, Henry Thomas and on the right, Steven Jackson.
Also Congradulations to second from the right, Donald Duncan on his upgrade to Extra. A major accomplishment for them all!

Congratulations to new Technician class
Carter W. Ashby

Congratulations to a New General class
Ronald E. Thompson

Congratulations to the new hams
Left to right: Brenda Landers, Sarah Tacker, Kimberly Barz, Jonathan Barz, June Patterson
on 06/20/2015

Congratulations to new ham
Rachel Hinenburg

on 06/20/2015

Congratulations to the new hams
Left to right: Michael Green, Eric Franks


Congratulations to Don Taylor on his upgrade to General class

Congratulations to the new hams on 06/30/2011
Leb Pennington, Russ Pennington, Ezra Pennington

Goes to show there is no age limit to this hobby!

Congratulations to Jimmy Collins &  Darlene Collins
New hams on 04/28/2011

Congratulations to the new hams on 07/29/2005
From left to right;  Thad Williams, Sue Loucka, Jim Helvering, Loran Newton, Joe Newton

Congratulations to Mickey Burkhead on his
upgrades to General class.

Congratulations to Sue Loucka on her passing the General class written test

Congratulations to the new technicians - Nov 28, 2006.
From left to right, Kelvin Wilmoth, Rebecca Wilmoth and David Benfield.

Nov 28, 2006
Congratulations to Jim Elder on his upgrade to Extra

March 19, 2007
Congratulations to David Benfield on his upgrade to General

March 19, 2007
Congratulations to the new upgraded Generals
Left to right - James Webb - John Webb - Tom Rogers

March 19, 2007
Congratulations to Jeremy Berg
on passing his Technician

March 19, 2007
Congratulations to Joe Newton
on his upgrade to General

VE's  Doing the paperwork
Left to Right
 Louise Burkhead, Mike Burkhead, Richard England and Joe Loucka

Congratulations to the gang of new and upgraded Ham's  6/30/2007